Welcome to my little corner of the internet! You will be able to view some of my photography, explore my ePortfolio, and engage in conversations on my posts. If you have a question, or are looking to contact me? Just head on over to the contact page and we can connect.

Aspiring Educator

Webster is currently attending school at the University of Regina, studying in a Bachelor of Education program for Secondary Mathematics. He also works as a tutor outside of school and work.

Homemade Photographer

Throughout his childhood, Webster always had a love and passion for photography and videography. During elementary and secondary school, he did plenty of personal filming and photography, utilising whatever equipment was available in his house. Now he has began exploring the depths of digital photography and higher quality equipment. The imagery you see around this website is from his new exploration, and will continue to change as he develops.

Casual Musician

Music has been one of the most defining parts of Webster’s childhood. Whether it be the music he experiences through relatives, exposure to hymnal and contemporary christian music at church, or his piano lessons from a young age, music has been engrained into basic principles of his life. From listening to playing, Webster had embraced this hobby and continues to build on it as he grows as a person. Performing in the University choral and instrumental ensembles, enjoying casual jam, listening to a vast spectrum of genres in his own time, and looking into the electrical, scientific side of music and sound are all interests and activities Webster regularly participates in.