Sometimes Uk Just Need a Break…Ukay???

Are Uk sure we have to stick to the plan? I say not! Today is the switch up week. As I hinted to in previous weeks, we are going to spend some time with the Ukulele!

With the guitar, I actually have some proper learning experience through the high school guitar rotation. However, with Ukulele my only experience is goofing off at home with my sister’s cheap ukulele, and my newly purchased midrange one. I haven’t had any instruction aside from chord charts on various Tabs sites.

This week was kind of designed to be an off week. One, I wanted a little bit of a change from the guitar, and wanted to play with an instrument I actually owned (the guitar is my mother’s). Second, I wanted to give a bit of reaffirmation/proof towards the main topic this projected explored this semester: that you can learn almost anything online. I have struggled with guitar all semester, and have background in it. Yet with this Ukulele that I really have no experience with, I have a better understanding through my online learning compared to my total guitar knowledge. Other factors come into this such as desire (I much prefer the size of the ukulele), however the main idea of online independent, earning still remains.

Now a bit about the Ukulele, it uses nylon/plastic strings vs the metal ones on a guitar. This is bonus number 1: it hurts my fingers less. It also comes in 4 different sizes, the soprano which is probably the one you have seen over the years as a toy. It also comes in a slightly larger, slightly better concert range, and a tenor and baritone range. The baritone has the top 4 strings from a guitar (just nylon), and it is the size of a youth guitar. My preferred one, mainly for its deeper tone, is the tenor ukulele. The tenor is also the preferred version for many artists for recording and camera.

I played through the vital music. The first is 4 chords, as you should know for every instrument. The other songs were Can’t help falling in love, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Tiptoe through the Tulips. You can see the video here:

Have a great week!

5 Replies to “Sometimes Uk Just Need a Break…Ukay???”

  1. Webster,
    Isn’t it fun to play around on the Ukulele. I love mine and it has made for a super fun learning project. Plus you are right, hurts the fingers so much less then playing guitar.

    1. I was also never sure if I would want my own because my sister’s $25 ukulele was not the nicest sound. However, my wooden tenor sized one is a beautiful tone, full of richness and depth, and it lacks the more dissonant overtones that the cheaper ukuleles suffer from. It gives it that classical guitar/latin guitar sound, making it fun to play for many genres other than just Tiny Tim haha.

    2. It makes for this wonderful instrument that can be as casual, or as serious as you want, and it will fit in both scenarios 🙂

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