Technological Enhancement – Is it a thing?

No, I am not talking about biogenetical modifications, or robotic arms. I am not talking about the retina fancy lenses that can solve all of your eye problems (though I would really love this!). I am talking about technology in the classroom; does it really improve anything?

I personally do not think this is a clear cut black & white answer. I was tasked to defend the “pro side”, however the “con side” did have some good points which I had struggled with in preperation. Overall, my answer to this would be Yes, if implemented correctly. I also had to differentiate the question a bit because it made me consider: does technology have to enhance learning to be good for it? Technology is still a tool just like our calculator and pencil, and while sometimes it might not difectly enhance the learning of the students, I still believe there is some merit for using it.

When technology is implemented with creativity it

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