What Causes Unhealthiness: Technology or Society?

The debate topic this week was “Technology is making our kids unhealthy: Agree or Disagree”, and it makes me wonder: Is Technology the direct cause or the scapegoat?

Technology is in every aspect of our lives now, and because of that society is making it more acceptable to always be on technology. A side affect of this is video games, and the fact that some children play them constantly. This does cause them to become unhealthy, but is this the cause of technology.video games, or is this because of society and “acceptable laziness”? I personally would argue this is not technology causing this, especially because many athletic people i know also play video games in their spare time and use technology all throughout their lives, and they do not have this side affect.

Society for some reason has accepted that laziness is an appropriate lifestyle for children and adults alike. It is acceptable to sit in your house for an entire day off, playing video games or surfing social media, watching netflix, etc…This is considered everyday activities now and because of this society accepts it. Now, there is nothing wrong with participating in those activities, however we have to also be aware of our health. Just because you can play a video game, or watch netflix, does not mean you shouldn’t leave the house at some point to go for a walk. Technology doesn’t directly cause this either, but it is what is to blame for everything! (according to society).

So my opinion on this is a big disagree. I will not argue against the fact that technology is definitely being utilized to become lazy and unhealthy, but I do not think it is the direct cause of that unhealthiness. You as an individual choose to become unhealthy, to become lazy, and instead you use technology when you could go for a walk. This can happen through any other activity, think about it: “Books are causing unhealthiness, children cannot get their heads out of the pages, and its beginning to show!”. That sounds kind of absurd, but it is the exact same idea as “Technology causes unhealthiness”. We have to recognize when we found the cause, and when we found a scapegoat, because inĀ  this case Technology is not the cause, it is just our excuse.

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