Do we need a refuge from Technology?

To unplug, or to not unplug, that is the question.

This week we discussed whether we have become too dependent on technology, and if what we really need is to unplug. The class seemed to take this with two different interpretations: with the idea of a permanent unplug, and the idea of a temporary unplug.

On the idea of a permanent unplus, we all disagreed. Technology has enhanced and altered life as it is, and I do not believe humanity could handle a random loss of all technology. Also, when we speak of removal of technology, waht are we speaking of?? Just digital technology, or industrialistic technology? Back to the bronze age, or the stone age??? Technology is a very broad term in that sense, but in general I do not think it will be beneficial to turn back, unplug, and ditch everything.

That being said, I do think a periodic refuge from technology could be beneficial. Many of us spoke about canoe trips up north, where you are 30 minutes outside of the cellular range, enjoying nature at its finest. I know previously we have had people back out or refuse to go when they discovered this, people can’t get away from their connectivity.

Considering the fact that for younger people they can get an onset of this “in the know” stress when they are disconnected, I do not think this is something that should be required or forced. However, I do believe that we should have the option opened, and if they are comfortable I think everyone should get a chance to experience nature in some way, without digital technology and connectivity, for even one day. I believe the “in the know” idea causes anxiety on both sides, when you are constantly updated and even when you are out of date. However, if we train from a young age to take occasional technology breaks, or social media breaks, I think this might decrease the amount of stress caused by being disconnected.

In general, I am torn by this debate. Personally I think temporary refuge from technology should be a good thing, but I am also not someone who has grown up with a cell phone in their hand, so I do not understand on the same level what that stress being without the device causes.

It makes me worried though, as I wonder if this very issue will prevent humans from experiencing some of natures treasures, and in that remove the value from those areas. With that, it is just a catalyst for more destruction of nature when society is not informed of the area, and they just hear “nature”. If this is a real problem, we will definitely see it in the next couple of decades. While I wish it wouldn’t be, if it is, I will be right there encouraging people to take their refuge, and experience nature.

Technology is great, but there are so many other great things as well, you just have to be willing to take the risk, unplug, and experience nature.

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