Welcome to my ePortfolio, my name is Webster Fox. My hometown is Radville SK, but my family has also lived in Saskatoon and currently live in Regina. I was home-schooled by my mother for grades 3 and 4, and I re-entered the school system halfway through grade 4 at W.H. Ford School. I continued on into Winston Knoll Collegiate for high school where I was involved with everything surrounding Music, and any Math class that was considered hard. This then leads to Webster Fox in the present day, a University of Regina Faculty of Education student currently enrolled in the combined BSc/BEd math program.

I am minoring in Music and I am a current member of the University Concert Band and Concert Choir. I play tenor saxophone and have also been playing alto saxophone for the past 8 years. I find music is a wonderful tool for relaxation, and for personal fulfilment.

Math has always been one of my favourite subjects, and I have worked through these past few years tutoring classmates and friends who were in lower grades than myself. I believe that any student can learn and succeed in Mathematics if they strive for it, and the teacher responds with good teaching. No student learns the same, and this becomes very evident in Mathematics, so as a teacher you have to recognize this and try a different method if a concept is ever misunderstood.

Outside of school I enjoy technology, both the programming side and the user side. When I have spare time I like to work on photography and photo editing projects. Other activities I enjoy include camping, canoeing (especially north of P.A.), cycling, soccer, and generally enjoying the outdoors.

One of the biggest influences for me to enter Education was the past 3 years of working at Arlington Beach Camp. I would be supervising and inspiring these campers (ages 5 to 14) all day long, working as their cabin leader and activity leader. One of the greatest experiences was Outdoor Survival where I was able to teach them how to use compass and GPS units for geocaching, and how to cook on a campfire.

The second influence, which helped determine my major, is my love for Math and especially secondary level math. It was a subject that I just enjoyed, whether it was for fun, practice, or in class, and it lead me to become a tutor for numerous people in my school and other schools in the city during my Grade 12 year.

While I would be opened to any position offered in teaching, my “dream job” would be a High School Math and Calculus teacher.

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My Family and our VW Van – (Nicole Gerhardt Photography)

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