The Life Long Nerd

Hello everyone! My name is Webster Fox, and I am a Math Major and Music Minor with the Faculty of Education. I am currently in my 3rd year, but I will not be preinterning until next year, and ultimately will have my internship during my 5th year. My love for math was my initial motivation to major in it, and my love for teaching/tutoring math is my motivation nowadays,. Ideally I wanted to major or minor in Computer Science, however there was no CS or technical major/minor available, so I decided to fall back on one of my other passions: music. Continue reading “The Life Long Nerd”

The Depth of Curriculum: My ECS 210 Summary of Learning

This is my summary of learning for ECS 210, in the fall semester of 2017. I utilized the chrome extension “Screencastify” to record and upload my presentation, Prezi Next for the presentation portion, and Youtube to host and publish the video. You can view the Prezi here, but do know that all aspects of the prezi were covered in the video. Finally, you can view the video, either through the embedded player below, or by clicking this link. Enjoy!

Learning Through Community Growth

While it is good to learn via traditional educational methods, some of the best and most meaningful experiences come from community learning. This can be group work, discussions, or simple social dialog in the classroom. For teachers, this can take the form of social interaction with our Professional Learning Network and co-teaching experiences with our cohorts.

Over the course of this semester I have been participating in this idea of community learning with fellow classmates. Here are some examples of times when others used me for learning, or I learned from others! Continue reading “Learning Through Community Growth”

Stringing The Pieces Together: My Journey Learning Guitar

Over the past few months I have been working towards learning the Guitar as an online-based learning project. I have had minimal experience with guitar in the past, mainly a grade 9 guitar class years ago, however it has always been an instrument that I wanted to learn the basics of. While I wouldn’t consider myself entirely fluent in guitar at this point, I have seen drastic improvement iin my ability to change chords efficiently, my technical strumming skills, and overall comfort of the instrument. I can see myself playing the guitar casually in the future, however I am mainly going to apply these acquired skills to my continued learning on the ukulele.

Photo Credit: Karlgoro1 Flickr via Compfight cc

Continue reading “Stringing The Pieces Together: My Journey Learning Guitar”

Summary of EDTC Learning

Here is the summary of learning I have created for EDTC 300! I utilized ScreenCastify, Youtube, Prezi Next and the Prezi Pro Student edition. I also brushed off my dusty Turtle Beach headset to make this happen! After a couple of glitches and issues, here is it finally. Enjoy 🙂


The Language of The Modern World

Have you ever heard the phrase “Those who can code today will rule the world tomorrow”? Or had some annoying person constantly nagging you to migrate to a digital tool, some sort of technology that supposedly will help your *Insert Job Here*. Well, as annoying or cliche as these might be, those people nagging you are onto something.

Pictures is Visual Basic, a common programming language for beginner programmers – Photo Credit: Webster Fox via

We are moving towards a digital world, everything depends on technology in some form nowadays, and if it doesn’t yet then it will in the near future. Continue reading “The Language of The Modern World”

Mathematics as a Natural Human Process

We have all heard the story: “I don’t get math, I am just an English person”, or similar statements. It happens with all subjects really, but I have noticed it is fairly consistent with the Math vs English subjects.

As someone who is studying math, trying to break these patterns and improve overall knowledge of math, it was quite interesting to find out about the research Gale referenced. We are all mathematical beings. According to the research experiment, toddlers already have a basic concept of subtraction as such a young age, and on top of that they are constantly problem solving, trying to understand the world. It makes sense, as problem solving is the basis of learning, weaving its way into every class subject in some form. Continue reading “Mathematics as a Natural Human Process”

Sometimes Uk Just Need a Break…Ukay???

Are Uk sure we have to stick to the plan? I say not! Today is the switch up week. As I hinted to in previous weeks, we are going to spend some time with the Ukulele!

With the guitar, I actually have some proper learning experience through the high school guitar rotation. However, with Ukulele my only experience is goofing off at home with my sister’s cheap ukulele, and my newly purchased midrange one. I haven’t had any instruction aside from chord charts on various Tabs sites. Continue reading “Sometimes Uk Just Need a Break…Ukay???”