Welcome to the Wild World of Webster Fox!

Hello there…I see you have found me. I don’t normally get visitors here, this is my little isolated corner of the internet…However, since you are already here, you might as well dive in deep and see everything that is hidden behind this domain!

I’m Webster Fox, a local Reginan who has found himself attending the local post-secondary institution. I am currently part of the Faculty of Education, majoring in the study of Mathematics, and minoring in Music. I originally came from a small town near Weyburn called Radville, and then spent a couple of years in the lovely city of Saskatoon. However, I have called Regina my home for more than a decade now, witnessing the incredible transformation and growth this city has seen since 2005.

I come from a family of 5, with my quirky sister Jenna, and my actor of a brother, Drew. I am however the oldest of the 3. We used to have a hamster….but it died. We also had a dog for a number of years….but it has also died. So we have spent recent years enjoying a home without pets, and modestly improved air quality for my pesky asthma! I enjoy cycling and hiking out at Wascana Trails, and absolutely love canoeing and camping in Northern Saskatchewan. Our family used to tent all over the province, from Moose Mountain, to Cypress Hills, and most recently: Waskesiu at P.A. National park (and this doesn’t even remotely touch how many parks we have camped at!). In recent years since I have been working in the summers, my parents and sister have been trying a new style of camping, using our 1974 VW Type 2 Westfalia camper van! Last year they took the risk, and camped with it all throughout the Rockies for a 2 week touring trip.

Aside from my outdoors interests, I also love a lot of indoors activities too. Growing up, my dad worked as an IT manager, and it brushed off on it. I have always been a bit of a technology geek, and have loved exploring new services and devices when I can. I also spent many years self-learning web programming (HTML & CSS), and in high school and CS 110 I ventured into developing computer applications (VB, Java, & C++). I also enjoy my fair share of video games, however I have been doing a lot less of that recently. This past year, the project that has been keeping my technology side busy has been a Raspberry Pi 3 computer. It is the size of a credit card, and in my current setup it emulates older video games from the NES, SNES, and N64 eras.

Part of my unplanned Qu’Appelle Valley trip. Photo Credit: Webster Fox © 2017

My main interest that keeps me busy nowadays outside of school is my love for Photography. It is this awesome hybrid of my technology interests with my outdoors interests, and has led me all over the place. My favourite types of photos are urban night photos, especially when it is foggy. This doesn’t stop my from enjoying day photography: in my latest shoot I literally just drove from highway 6 to Craven through the valley with no real plan, and it allowed me to discover some cool new places for hiking, and get some awesome shots. What led me to try DSLR photography wasn’t my purely my love for photography. It was influenced last fall by the upcoming Cuba trip which I went on this past May. It was a Choir Tour with the university groups, and we got to experience this awesome exchange of culture and music, while also enjoying the opportunities a warm country has to offer, and a chance to explore the incredible heritage and historical structures that Cuba has to offer.

The Havana, Cuba cityscape at night. Photo Credit: Webster Fox © 2017

I am excited to try out blogging on, and especially excited to explore the powerful WordPress platform. I think blogging is an excellent tool for reflection and growth, but it is also significant in networking and innovation too. When you blog, you reflect on your experiences and will have a visible, solid record of your growth as you learn lessons and experience new things. As you mature in your blogging, you will have the opportunities to network, and collaborate with other educators and professionals, bouncing ideas off of each other. There is no real negative to this, as you will benefit, they will benefit, and ultimately everyone’s ideas will simply improve and evolve overtime with the feedback. It can also be a powerful tool for the classroom, especially in regards to research projects, creative writing/forms of writing prompts, and even daily questions in any subject (Yes, that includes you my Math cohorts!). When combining that with the power of WordPress, or the simplicity of Google’s Blogger, you have quite endless possibilities, and your main limitation is your own hesitations and doubts.

I look forward to a good semester, and I hope you enjoy following my journey through my courses and projects this year!

“Guit up” and make some noise!

Welcome to the beginning of my journey! I am going to spend the next few months learning how to play the guitar, and possibly the ukulele too!

Photo Credit: Holland375 Flickr via Compfight cc

I am a very music oriented person, and have experience playing the Piano and Saxophone. I also participate in the University’s Concert Choir and semi-professional Chamber Singers. In terms of guitar, my only real experience with it is the generic mandatory Grade 9 guitar course from Regina high schools. In that course we learned a bit about notes, a couple of chords, and some basic one note songs. I haven’t played guitar since and have forgotten most of what I learned.

I am going to begin from scratch, as if I had no knowledge of guitar, to ensure my memory is refreshed on the basic elements. I will then proceed at a faster or slower pace, depending on how easily I begin picking up skills. Since I already have knowledge in music theory and reading music, most of my road blocks in this learning process will be related to the physical aspects. I am going to try a variety of online resources as well, to see if I can find one in particular that works really well.

While going through this process, I will primarily be using guitar, but at times I might also attempt ukulele. Once I have the physical aspect down, the difference between ukulele and guitar are the way the strings are tunes, and the patterns you use for the chords. I will also be posting my updates in a variety of ways, primarily a mixture of text/image blog posts, and video updates.

I have held an interest in properly learning guitar for a few years now, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share this journey with you!