The Depth of Curriculum: My ECS 210 Summary of Learning

This is my summary of learning for ECS 210, in the fall semester of 2017. I utilized the chrome extension “Screencastify” to record and upload my presentation, Prezi Next for the presentation portion, and Youtube to host and publish the video. You can view the Prezi here, but do know that all aspects of the prezi were covered in the video. Finally, you can view the video, either through the embedded player below, or by clicking this link. Enjoy!

Learning Through Community Growth

While it is good to learn via traditional educational methods, some of the best and most meaningful experiences come from community learning. This can be group work, discussions, or simple social dialog in the classroom. For teachers, this can take the form of social interaction with our Professional Learning Network and co-teaching experiences with our cohorts.

Over the course of this semester I have been participating in this idea of community learning with fellow classmates. Here are some examples of times when others used me for learning, or I learned from others! Continue reading “Learning Through Community Growth”

Stringing The Pieces Together: My Journey Learning Guitar

Over the past few months I have been working towards learning the Guitar as an online-based learning project. I have had minimal experience with guitar in the past, mainly a grade 9 guitar class years ago, however it has always been an instrument that I wanted to learn the basics of. While I wouldn’t consider myself entirely fluent in guitar at this point, I have seen drastic improvement iin my ability to change chords efficiently, my technical strumming skills, and overall comfort of the instrument. I can see myself playing the guitar casually in the future, however I am mainly going to apply these acquired skills to my continued learning on the ukulele.

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Sometimes Uk Just Need a Break…Ukay???

Are Uk sure we have to stick to the plan? I say not! Today is the switch up week. As I hinted to in previous weeks, we are going to spend some time with the Ukulele!

With the guitar, I actually have some proper learning experience through the high school guitar rotation. However, with Ukulele my only experience is goofing off at home with my sister’s cheap ukulele, and my newly purchased midrange one. I haven’t had any instruction aside from chord charts on various Tabs sites. Continue reading “Sometimes Uk Just Need a Break…Ukay???”

Fraud? A Hoax? SCAMMED? Exploring The Pirates of Modern Media

Have you ever seen an article on Facebook, Twitter, email, or possibly on Google, and clicked on it because of the title? Then you began reading, and made it half way through, captivated by the information, only to discover that you are on The Onion or The Beaverton? Or maybe you were watching a video snippet on Facebook or Youtube, uploaded by an unknown source, and 10 seconds in you see Rick Mercer or another comedian/host spin around and show their face in what you believed was legitimate. There are pirates out there, pillaging the space on your social media and internet spaces, trying to take your attention away from the real sources! Continue reading “Fraud? A Hoax? SCAMMED? Exploring The Pirates of Modern Media”

Facing The Reality of Facebook

A response to Julie Newton regarding her open letter about the use of Facebook.

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Dear Mrs. Newton,

Recently you have shared your opinion surrounding the use of Facebook in the classroom. I thank you for sharing this opinion, and stating your concerns, as this is the only way for us to progress as a whole. I did however want to bring about a different perspective to compliment your letter. Continue reading “Facing The Reality of Facebook”

Treaty Education Response

Dear Student,

I would first like to remind you of the purpose of Treaty Education. Consider another portion of history first: Germany. Would it seem appropriate to skip teaching any holocaust-related content simply because there were no students with German or Jewish backgrounds? While this might not be an identical comparison, it is similar in the content significance. The treaties, and the history of indigenous groups, are part of Canada. Continue reading “Treaty Education Response”

The Pedagogy of Place

In the article, Restoule talks about the interaction between researchers and the Mushkegowuk people, a First Nation community in Northern Ontario. The main story portrayed in this paper is about how the researchers, with large involvement of the Mushkegowuk people, worked to learn more about the geography. There was a focus on the youth learning from elders, and a focus on the idea of reclaiming the significance of the land within the opinions of the youth. Continue reading “The Pedagogy of Place”

The Age of Self-Computation, and Scattered Publishing

It has almost been a full year since the CTRC declared internet to be a basic service for Canadians. Until that point, telephones and telecommunication was the only medium considered to be a basic required service. Back in budget season we some MLA’s also dub internet the future of media and information, and also suggest that access to internet is an essential service. We are moving at a fairly quick pace towards universal access to the internet, which is pretty crazy to think about. Wasn’t it just yesterday that 5Mbps download speeds were considered the Cadillac of personal internet services, and outside of Regina and Saskatoon you were almost guaranteed a dial-up modem.

Credit: jeferrb via Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)

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